New York Fellowship

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Rev. William John (B.J.) Weber
& Sheila Weber

Reverend William John (B.J.) Weber provides private pastoral care to leaders in New York City and around the nation, and helps launch men's fellowship opportunities, as well as initiates projects to care for the poor.

Sheila Weber (Co-Founder) has been a spokesperson on more than 500 radio and TV shows for various causes, and serves as Executive Vice President of the NY Fellowship and supervises the New York Fellowship House, a 4-story brownstone in midtown Manhattan, which serves as a gathering place for hosting, dinner, salon evenings and study groups.


The New York Fellowship

New York Fellowship began with a group of businessmen meeting together for mutual spiritual encouragement. It was incorporated in 1984, adding a full time Executive Director, B.J. Weber, in response to executives who wanted to create a more visible Biblical presence in the Wall Street area.

Works of service have previously included outreach to at-risk inner city youth, a Kids to Camp scholarship program, a marriage seminar series, a crisis pregnancy service, and the founding of a clinic and orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia.


The New York Fellowship is an endeavor among people who share a vision for availability, spiritual direction, mentoring, and service. We are dependent upon contributions from individuals who care about our work in one of the world's most strategic cities of the world. Donate options below.

New book! FELLOWSHIP: Stories of Transformation

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NEW BOOK! "FELLOWSHIP: Stories of Transformation through Grace and Spiritual Friendship. B.J. Weber's 40 Years in NYC"
B.J. Weber was an ordinary radical when an encounter with a Trappist monk in the mid-1970s turned his life upside down. Now after 40 years of ministry in New York City, his friends testify to the extraordinary life he’s lived, simply because he made himself available to God. This edition includes nearly 50 inspiring (and often funny) stories contributed by B.J.’s mentors, friends, and family. You’ll hear from monks and nuns, NFL & MLB players, Wall Street executives, former interns, and several New York Times' bestselling authors. We hope your soul will be encouraged by the ways God was at work through B.J. rescuing orphans, repairing marriages, and pursuing the poor, the lost, and the broken with the good news of Jesus from NYC to places all over the globe.